Solar Modules and Panels

Solar Modules and Panels

Solar Panels on Board – SunWare Tutorial Solar Basics – Solar System on a boat

What you need, what you should know and more…

Components (solar modules, charger), shading, angle of incidence, mounting locations and power.

Please watch the video for details and explanation…

  • SunWare Solar panels on board

  • What you need…

  • What you should know…

  • Solar panel applications

  • How much power does a 100Wp panel create

  • Pay attention to…

  • Power losses due to shading

  • Relation incident angle to power output

  • Where do I install my panel

  • Solar power what for…

  • Why SunWare?

  • Why SunWare marine solar panels?

  • Solar Solutions Made in Germany

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Solar Modules and Panels

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